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Research Behind PRIME

Research Behind PRIME

PRIME was developed as a research-based initiative, focused on understanding how students learn mathematics in the elementary grades. The research was designed to answer two key questions for each of the five mathematics strands:

1. What are the phases of development that students “travel” through while learning key mathematical skills and concepts?

2. What is the best way to identify a student’s placement in the phases of learning?

Data was gathered over three years from over 12,000 students across Canada. This research resulted in the following:

  • The phases of student learning, including indicators describing each phase, were validated and became the Developmental Maps
  • The assessment items to assist in determining student placement and growth by phase were created and became the Diagnostic Tools
  • The 12,000 sample student responses illustrated and validated the phases of development and were used within the Background and Strategies books
Research Behind The Ten Dimensions
Additional research, conducted by Dr. Douglas McDougall, also provided a framework for school improvement in mathematics. Dr. McDougall identified the Ten Dimensions of Mathematics Education, which are designed to help school leaders build capacity in mathematics education: These Ten Dimensions are outlined in detail within the School Mathematics Improvement Course and Leadership Handbook.